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Athletic Revival


4 weeks


Athletic revival is my pre-made program designed to help you revive your athleticism and make you look, feel and perform like you did in your prime.

The program is based on 16 week training cycles which will help you build muscle, strength and power, which will have positive results in sports like running, basketball, soccer, golf, tennis and hockey. Each month you will recieve a new 4 week program that builds off of the previous months work, so you will constantly progress.


  • Access to my customized app.

  • 4 week program that features workouts that focus on strength, mobility and cardio.

  • Each program features HD videos and detailed exercise cues so you'll feel confident about your exercise form.

This is a recurring program that renews every 28 days. You can cancel anytime within the app, but after 28 days you will no longer have acces to the app.

Just like a pair of jeans . . . test out my program before you buy!

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