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Hybrid Training

From $150.00

4 weeks


Hybrid training is a great option for trainees that would like to have an expertly created program, but don't need to see me everyweek. Each month we will meet for an hour session, either in person or virtually, to review your progress and go over your new program.

Each program features:

  • Access to program via my custom app, which features HD videos and detailed exercise descriptions

  • 4 week program, which includes strength, mobility and cardio workouts

  • Weekly check-ins to go over progress

  • Unlimited exercise form check reviews

There are two package options, month to month and recurring. The main difference, besides price, is access to the program and me.

Recurring packages auto-renew every 28 days and sessions are booked 3 weeks into the month to maintain progress. These packages can be cancelled at anytime.

Month to month packages give you 28 days access to the program and questions to me. These packages can be renewed at anytime

In-Person Session Option:

Month to month: $225.00

Recurring package: $200.00

Virtual session Option:

Month to month package: $175.00

Recurring package: $150.00

All prices are subject to sales tax

Just like a pair of jeans . . . test out my program before you buy!

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