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Personal Training

From $360.00

60 minutes


All personal training sessions are performed one on one and follow a personalized program, which is based on a 16 week training cycle. Each program is loaded into my custom app, along with solo workouts for mobility and cardio.

I don't belive locking anyone into long term contracts, so there are two options package options to choose from: Bulk sessions and recurring packages.

Bulk session package:

Sessions can be purchased in quantities of 4, 8, 16 and 24.

  • 4 session package: $460.00

  • 8 session package: $880.00

  • 16 session package: $1,680.00

  • 24 session package: $2,520.00

Recurring packages:

Recurring packages come in 4 options, based on session frequency. These packages are automatically renewed every 28 days, but can be cancelled at anytime (with 14 days notice).

  • 1 session per week: $360.00

  • 2 sessions per week: $720.00

  • 3 Sessions per week: $1,080.00

  • 4 sessions per week: $1,440.00

All of these packages are subjected to sales tax.

Just like a pair of jeans . . . test out my program before you buy!

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