Whether you want to train with me in person or virtually . . . I've got you covered!  All programs are delivered through my custom app, which will help you stay motivated and accountable.  Each program is crafted to help you in the gym and beyond: featuring workouts for strength, conditioning, and mobility coupled with lifestyle objectives for nutrition, sleep, and stress to help develop a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

I am currently not accepting personal training clients at the moment.  If you're still interested in my programs, please look at the other two options: Program Design and Athletic Revival.



Every session will help you feel inspired to reach your full potential - safely and effectively.







Recurring monthly packages based on training frequency:

4 sessions - $400.00

8 sessions - $800.00

12 sessions- $1,200.00

**Currently I am not accepting any new clients**


Feel confident in your exercise and nutrition choices with an expertly crafted and

personalized program.


There are two options for program orientation: Hybrid or virtual.




1 monthly in-person session and 4-week program delivered through my app. 




1 monthly Skype or iChat session and 4-week program delivered through my app.




This is my flagship pre-made program delivered on my custom app.  


Every month I update your program to improve your game and help turn back the clock - performing like you did in your prime.